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Crafty Whizz Singapore

Corporate Events

Elevate your corporate events and create memorable experiences through arts and crafts.

Engage your team, foster camaraderie, and cultivate a sense of belonging.

Experience novel activities and strengthen working relationships drawing from lessons learnt from the activities.

Elevate, Engage, Experience

For over 2 decades, the founder of Crafty Whizz has earned a stellar reputation and established strong credibility in the corporate events industry. Her team has worked with hundreds of brands and organization rocking nearly a thousand events!

Now, the legacy lives on with Crafty Whizz Studio, ready to create something magical with more corporate events. Get ready for a plethora of dynamic, out-of-the-box ideas on a mission of Elevating, Engaging, and creating an Experience that's nothing short of unforgettable.

Our programmes are perfect for all type of corporate events such as:

Family Day . Dinner and Dance .

Team Building . Training Workshops .

Seminars and Conferences .

Product Launches .

Corporate Anniversaries .

Townhall Meetings .

Awards Ceremonies .

and more!

Let's get crafty with your team!

Are you planning a team-building event for your company or searching for novel crafty activities to foster creativity and collaboration among your colleagues?


Look no further! We provide a curated selection of workshops tailored to nurture creativity, reduce stress, improve fine motor skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and provide a sense of accomplishment. 


Whether you prefer to host the event in our studio or at your office, our offerings include activities such as:


Sewing Workshops

Candle Making Workshops

Soap Making Workshops

Macrame Rainbow Workshops

 Macrame Bag Workshops 

Macrame Keychain Workshops

Terrarium Making Workshops

Art Jamming Canvas Workshops 

Acrylic Pour art on Bear or Canvas Workshops

Decoden frame deco Making Workshops

Decoden keychain Workshops

Tote bag Painting Woprkshops

Dry flower coaster Workshop 

Mosaic art on coaster Workshops

Mosaic art on Turkish lamp Workshops

Tile painting Workshops

Totebag stamping workshop 

Batik painting workshops 

Floral Letter Art Workshops 

Pot painting Workshops 

Tea Towel Stamping Workshop 

Rest assured, we guarantee an unforgettable experience which will create stronger bonds among the participants.

Let's Talk!

Get a list of curated activities perfect for your corporate event.

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