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Are you planning a team-building for your company, sewing and crafting playdates with your child's classmates or simply want to have a bonding session with your children? 


Look no further! We have curated various workshops that can be held in our studio or your venue. From sewing workshops  to candle making, soap making, macrame, art jamming and many more, we ensure that you'll have a unique and unforgettable experience!  

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Our popular 'Make a Stuffie' workshop party has been the talk of the town!


Children will use the sewing machine and make something adorable and bring it home as a memento.


Our friendly and very patient instructors will ensure safety and fun party for the children and parents alike. Besides sewing, we have other Craft and Art Parties that will make the kids go wild too! 

Fashion Classes

Get that couture experience in our Fashion Class!


Catered to kids who love fashion and everything designer, this class will teach them about textiles and the process of designing and making clothes and accessories. This includes guided hands on creation of your child's fashion masterpiece!

How about a runway show? Why not!


Choose from Beginner or Experienced levels when you select our Fashion Classes.

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